The best rechargeable charge base for the XBOX ONE

Nyko Charge Base XBOX ONE Controller

Recharge Base w/XBOX ONE Controller

Several years ago I  purchased my first XBOX 360, I soon learned that you burn through the normal AA batteries pretty quick if your a constant gamer.  I was tired of making midnight runs to the store for a new set of batteries I looked for a new way to keep the gaming going.  I was running around my local GameStop one day and I saw different companies who made rechargeable batteries for the XBOX Controller.

The sales person came over and we stated talking about some of the latest games and he noticed me eyeballing the NYKO charge base for the 360.  I mention how I was burring through the AA batteries and how I was looking for a solution.  His enthusiasm about the Nyko brand was awesome, he mention in the years that he had used them they were top notch and he was still relying on them.  I ask about the other brands around, that did the same thing, but he said “You get what you pay for” at that moment he had me sold.  He went on to tell me other systems that used the Nyko batteries and just like Duracell the brand quality was top of the line. I plopped my money down and went home, I got my 360 back in 2009 and the charge base quickly there after, I still use the same charge station and rechargeable batteries.  I’m now going on almost 5 years with the same batteries and I still get great gaming time.

Nyko Charge Base Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries for NYKO XBOX ONE Charge Base

I usually try to pay for quality when I buy electronics. My theory is if you buy the best now you don’t have to worry about it later.  It’s just one of those pet peeves I inherited from my father. I look back on that moment and today as I’m upgrading to the new XBOX One when I saw the Nyko charge base in my local Bestbuy I remembered back and it was the second thing I grabbed off the shelf today.

Not much more than that to report except to remember when you bring home the XBOX ONE it will have batteries, when you open the box used those batteries, but before your done gaming for the evening, remember to change out those batteries for the rechargeables and don’t forget to put the controllers on the charge base before you go to sleep.

Happy Gaming


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How to setup GMAIL with your Entourage 2008 Mac Version

If your like me and many others all over the internet, you have multiple email accounts possibly one for friends/family, one for spam mail, and another you’ve had for years.  Well wouldn’t you like to view them all in one place?

If you have Office for Mac 2008 version you can respond to and have at your finger tips one place to see all your mail from multiple sources.  I’m only talking about Office 2008 Mac, but you could be doing this with other email clients such as thunderbird.

Settings for GMAIL

First inside of your gmail account you have to let GMAIL know that you want to be able to view your mail from other sources.  In the top right corner you will see what looks like a gear next to your name, click the gear icon and you get a drop down, click on “Mail Settings”.


Once inside of Settings, click on the heading labled “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” make sure to “Enable IMAP” here is where the process gets tricky.

Gmail changed the default settings ports that IMAP is associated with,so when you set up your client make sure to use SSL authentication.

  • IMAP Server:
  • SSL:yes
  • PORT: 993


  • SMTP Server:
  • SSL: yes
  • PORT: 465 or 587

Make sure to use your full gmail address “”, then your password and things should work well.  If you still have a problem I have attached some links that helped me out.

Configuring other mail clients (gmail, google link)

Outlook 2007 mail client (gmail, google link)

Symantec has reported a new worm found on the net using email as a host.

I found this post important so I wanted to let others know about this new worm.


COPYRIGHT 2010 Normans Media Ltd.

TELECOMWORLDWIRE-September 10, 2010-Symantec reports rapid spread of new worm(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

Norton, an Internet security company and a division of Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), reported that Symantec Security Response has, as of yesterday, been tracking the rapid spread of a new computer worm that spreads using a socially engineered e-mail attack.

The company said that the threat is being spread via e-mails that ask the recipient to click on a link embedded in the e-mail which points to a malicious program file posted on the Internet and disguised as a PDF file. Once this file downloads it installs a worm known as W32.Imsolk.B@mm.

The worm, once it has compromised a usera[euro](tm)s machine, will attempt to spread itself further by gaining access to the usera[euro](tm)s e-mail contacts and repeating the process. It can also spread to other machines connected via network shares or via removable media.

The company advises all users to ensure that they take appropriate precautions, such as isolating compromised machines, blocking access to any address contained in the e-mail and insuring that they have installed and updated appropriate security applications, such as Norton Internet Security 2011.

Norton has made further information available at

I posted more in the month of February then I did for all of 2010, here’s why.

Series in BloggingThe month of February 2011 I decided to run a month long blogging series dedicated to Black’s in Technology.  I decided to showcase a host of African American inventors.  The Idea came from a friend of mine Wayne Sutton who runs he came up with an idea a couple of years ago for  Well following in his footsteps I decided to copy his idea, but with different flair.  I decided that most African American’s don’t get the opportunity to be highlighted in our everyday lives, but they are just as important as any Inventor.

I thought about doing this last year but for what ever the reason I didn’t do it, and I wanted to jump on this opportunity for 2011.  I will say that it’s easy to blog about something that your passionate about, but when it comes to a blogging series, and no less about people who may have passed away and your research is limited, that’s a different story.  Your writing from stories all over the internet some factual and some fake, you can’t get the word from the horses mouth so to say.  It takes some time to get your information togeather, you need to approach the task as an overall achievement up front.

Here are a couple of my tips for how to address a month long series in blogging, or just a series in blogging over all.

  • Creating the concept is easy, but you must be ready to write it down, even if it’s not going to make it to publish (your ideas are important, don’t loose them because you thought it was not important)
  • Come up with the number of post or days up front, this helps you know how many post you will be publishing, and your not brainstorming every night looking to add more and more post that will drag your series out.
  • Have your days mapped out, so you know who your going to talk about and on what day (This does not mean you have to write all your information up front)  You do need to know who’s coming next so you can be prepared
  • If your doing research and it seems your not getting anywhere, make sure to use the advance search capabilities of Google (I know other search engines exsist, but this one just seems to give me what I want the way I want it) i.e. images, blogs, video, and more.
  • I just wanted to give a couple of tips for how to create a series in blogging on a topic or subject.

I hope my tips are helpful I know there are other sources that have probably put out information like this, add that to your list of current reads on “Creating a blogging series”


Day 28 Benjamin Banneker – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was born in 1731, it’s said he was born to a colonial American who was an indentured servant at one time but by the time Banneker was born he was born free, but with all things when it comes to African American’s it’s hard to trace the true origins of some people’s history.

Banneker made astronomical calculations that predicted solar and lunar eclipses.  As he understood the need for this kind of information he created an almanac ephemeris from 1792, to 1797.

Banneker's Almanac

Banneker also made a clock, as I understand it he took apart a clock that was given to him, and then created a clock made of wood that worked and chimed at the hour mark.

Later Banneker was part of a survey team that in late February 1792 was dismissed, they had failed to have have the plans published the leader Pierre Charles L’Enfant was dismissed.  The story goes that L’Enfant left with the plans he had completed, thus leaving the project up in the air, and the possibility of starting the project over again from start.

Banneker was able to draw from memory and provide the plans that were later used for the construction of the federal capital city.

So far in my research I have no knowledge that Banneker went on to college or even how far he completed high school or for that matter grade school.  We do all know this, his almanac was truly remarkable and he is a great African American Inventor.


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