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Podcast #4 RSS Feeds, MP3 players, & Email Etiquette

After another episode of I am still excited about the program and how things are shaping up. When I started this show I didn’t know how much joy and excitement I would have about it. Although I knew that I wanted to explain and teach technology I had not done this since 2000 when […]

Podcast #3 Internet Domains How do I get one?

Tonight I talked about Domain names and why you want one. I ask some questions so that you can get what your looking for with a domain name. If you want my help with choosing a domain or with more about how to choose a website for my business please click the call me link […]

Podcast #2-c July 23, 2007 Part 3 of 3

Here is the final chapter in the “How do I Podcast” series. I have some show notes attached to this post that should give you some links to different podcast directories. Also I talked a little bit about promoting your podcast. As always please give me any feed back you can on the subject matter, […]

Podcast #2-b July 22, 2007 Part 2 of 3

As promised I have recorded part 2-b of the segment “How do I podcast?” I’m talking about more hardware than software more in depth. I hope you enjoy and the show notes are attached this time. Remember feedback is important to the improvement of this podcast so please take the time to email or post […]


I’m sorry to everyone who hit my website after 9PM tonight and noticed that the “Bandwidth was exceeded”, again I have to remind you that I have not done this in so long. I forgot that I had that domain under one of my lowest bandwidth settings and so the site was down for probably […]

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