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What? You can’t log on IM at work…I got a solution

Not everyone works from home, and for that matter not everyone connects to the Internet from home. Have you ever been at a place using free WiFi or at work and tried to log on to a Instant Messenger such as Yahoo, MSN, AIM or others? If you have only to be denied access a […]

Podcast #9 My e-mail just freaked out!

This past weekend my father had some issues with his DSL providers email. I wanted to share with all of you how you should approach the same kind of issue. This podcast is short and from now on I think short and simple will be just good enough for all of us. I talk about […]

Twitter…Please don’t do it, Advertising??? NO please don’t…

While I was reading my Google Reader post from various RSS feeds. I came across a post that is both exciting and disturbing at the same time. In the article that TechCrunch has posed it seems last night or Sunday Night 4/13/08 twitter was doing a little knocking of the gears and some people said […]

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