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Download Wednesday – Cerulean Studios Trillian

I have been a Trillian fan since the company introduced one of the first Instant messenger that tie messengers together. This is an application download you get the best of both worlds you can install the client and use it to connect to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM. While others have come along such as jabber, […]

Vacation Carnival Cruise… Out of Office Notice :-)

I will be on vacation all of this week so any emails or comments will not get approved until my return. I’m probably on a beach somewhere in ST. Thomas right about now sippin on something. I HOPE TO POST PICTURES THROUGH OUT MY TRIP… CHECK OUT MY FLICKR ACCOUNT: Have fun and keep […]

Download Wednesday – You can copy a website directly to your hard drive.

HTTrack is a Free/Open Source program that can copy a website to your local hard drive. You could set it up to copy a small website or even a huge website, but I would caution you from downloading a site with gigs and gigs of data. The program has some settings you can change but […]

Learn how to tell if someone is really following you on twitter.

Twitter the social micro-blogging site that helps you make online friends, promote your business or just have fun has a new helper service. Less friends is a cool little site that helps you find out who’s following you. When you first start using twitter it’s easy to know who follows you all you have to […]

I wonder how many computers will be infected today, thanks alot FireFox 3

Today is the incredible attempt by to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period. Today while I was Plurking (Plurk is a social site much like twitter for micro-blogging) a conversation started and I just had to write this post. Conversation link: See some people got […]

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