Godaddy totally jacks .me

First of I didn’t even know about the .me domain coming up for registration.  Sometimes I think I’m in the loop only to find that I am not, well tonight I thought up a great domain to register and when I went to find it was blank.

It seems the site is down, I would guess from all the registrations trying to go through, well I’m glad it’s down, now maybe the name I want will still be available.

One thing I do know about Godaddy is that Bob Parsons the owner of Godaddy, he will make it right mark my words.

I started a ping to see when the site comes back up, I’m just waiting right now so I can get this domain I’m thinking is great..

As you can see the ping is not answering back, but they could have turned off ICMP request, or they could be hit with a DOS attack we will find out soon.  Just for fun I checked his personal blog and it’s down too….

I know to be a great company with a great guy at the helm, he’s awesome in my opinion and I have a ton of domains with them I would go no where else. I hope they get it fixed before I go to bed… I need that domain.


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