Archive for July, 2008 according to one site has implemented the twitter API

Wow the internet is a buzz today with so many stories from godaddys meltdown to the apology from apple’s mobileme service. I found a post from’s Dave Winer titled “ implements the Twitter API” is another twitter clone that has come along recently that looks and feels very much like twitter. I gather […]

Some cool Ajax and DHTML code

Surfing the net I always come across websites that are just too damn interesting.  Today I found a website called they have posted alot of DHTML and AJax code from various sites. Here are just a few titles that you will find on Ajax Star Rating Bar Heat map for your website Bubble […]

Godaddy totally jacks .me

First of I didn’t even know about the .me domain coming up for registration.  Sometimes I think I’m in the loop only to find that I am not, well tonight I thought up a great domain to register and when I went to find it was blank. It seems the site is down, I […]

nana boo boo iphone users can’t cut, copy or paste…

While I love technology I decided when the iphone came out not to even think about spending that kind of money to be what I called a “BETA tester”. If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to plop down the money then great for you, but I gotta ask how does […]

Download Wednesday – Freeware GIMP

While I love taking pictures I don’t like the high cost of photo editing software such as Corel, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop. I have always looked for a free way to edit and do cool things with photo software then I came across GIMP. GIMP is released under the GNU free software license which […]

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