Archive for May, 2009

Symbaloo brings competition to the online desktop market, look out iGoogle.

Symbaloo is a personal online desktop, in my opinion a customizable home page of sorts, it’s currently in beta but has been around for a couple of years over seas.  The service is free and there is no need to signup unless you want to customize this home page for viewing in more than one […]

Spammers taking twitter newbies to the junk mail folder.

Looking over my friendfeed today I came across a post from Lockergnome that simply said “Spammers Harvesting Sorrow From Twitter“. The post talks about how spammers could be harvesting email addresses directly from your own steam on twitter.  Lockergnome referenced the article from ZDNet “Spammers harvesting emails from Twitter – in real time” And while […]

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