Privacy is a huge issue for facebook, check your settings NOW!

The Founder of Facebook Mark ZuckerbergFacebook…Facebook…Facebook…  I mean what more can you say about the Social Media darling with over 400 Million registered users.  While the light has been shining bright for Facebook there seems to be a new back lash of users who are either deleting their account, or limiting what they say and do on the social site.

I’m not one to speak too much about one website or the other, but at first Facebook was trying real hard to be the top social site on the internet and they have done it for sure.  What is the cost they had to pay to obtain that elusive status?  As of recent there have been reports of privacy concerns and other things that has Facebook under the microscope from the casual user to the seasoned Social Media Junkie.

I ran across an article on the titled “Step-by-step tips to protect your Facebook infomation from ending up on other sites” please take a look at this article if your unsure about how your privacy settings are administered.  I think you might just be amazed at how much infomation your really exposing to the world.


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One Response to “Privacy is a huge issue for facebook, check your settings NOW!”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Good post as I try to navigate all the privacy issues with Facebook. I enjoy the site, but I am now seeing my friends “likes” on several websites that I visit. I am not enjoying that feature.

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