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Symbaloo brings competition to the online desktop market, look out iGoogle.

Symbaloo is a personal online desktop, in my opinion a customizable home page of sorts, it’s currently in beta but has been around for a couple of years over seas.  The service is free and there is no need to signup unless you want to customize this home page for viewing in more than one […]

Now world domination begins Blackberry opens Blackberry app world

Why on April 1 would you open or launch your signature product?  I guess the buzz you create could carry you into the next year, or people could take it as a joke and over look you all together.  RIM the makers of the Blackberry Smart phones have launched what they hope is the defect […]

iGoogle theme’s just took visualization to another level.

This morning I got wind that Google has worked on giving us loyal users new themes in a blog post called“iGoogle’s got game… themes!”.  It seems they have taken this to another level giving us gamers enough themes to last weeks maybe even months.  As a kid I loved the old arcade games just like […]

Google Latitude location service is pretty good for stalking.

Google latitude is a new service where you can share your location with friends or anyone else you trust.  Certain cell phone users can use this new service also it runs as a gadget on igoogle.  If you don’t download the phone app you have to manually update the location by typing in your city […]

Microsoft can’t make Outlook better, but the Xobni plug-in can.

We have all come across this issue more than once, your looking for that email from 3 months ago in your Microsoft Outlook email program. You try to search for it using the built in Outlook search but it’s so complex that after 3 or 4 tries you give up and start looking through all […]

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