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Day 13 Kenneth J. Dunkley – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Mr. Dunkley created Three Dimensional Viewing Glasses (3-DVG).  His invention displays 3-D effects from regular 2-D photos without any type of lenses, mirrors or optical elements.  As I did some research for this African American’s Invention, I had to dig deep.  He didn’t invent 3D.  In fact this patent was not submitted till April 18, […]

Day 12 John Standard – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Amazing inventions usually call for people to take another look at that idea and improve upon it.  As in the case of Thomas Elkins (Day 2) help with refrigeration system, John Standard another African American looked at Elkin’s system and decided to improve upon it. On June 14, 1891 a US patent #455,891 was created that […]

Day 11 Granville T. Woods – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Granville T. Woods was born in Columbus Ohio April 23, 1856. He attended school till he was 10 he served as and apprenticeship in a machine shop and learned the trades of machinist and blacksmith. Woods realized that learning and education were essential for developing critical skills he went to night school and took some […]

Day 10 Otis Boykin – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Today we talk about Otis Frank Boykin born August 29, 1920 he was an inventor and engineer. Boykin invented more than 25 electronic devices. One of his inventions was an improved electrical resistor for computers, radios, televisions, and other electronic devices. Mr. Boykin also worked on one of his most famous inventions a variable resistor […]

Day 9 George Edward Alcorn, Jr. – 28 days of Black History in Technology

George Alcorn co-patented a Method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer. Patent #4618380 issued on October 21, 1986.  He received his four year Bachelor of Science degree from Occidental College.  Later he earned his Masters from Howard University in Nuclear Physics in 1963.  An earned his PH.D in Atomic and Molecular Physics also from Howard […]

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