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Day 3 Marie Brown – 28 days of Black History in Technology

Do you have a home security system? Better yet do you have a home video suvallance system?  While the home security system is a very common item in most homes today, Marie Brown managed to do something no one had done before. In 1966 she filed a patent for a closed-circuit television security system.  The […]

Day 2 Thomas Elkins – 28 days of Black History in Technology

You might ask yourself who is Thomas Elkins?  He created something that we all know very well, we use it everyday and if it wasn’t for him refrigeration would not be possible.  Thomas Elkins designed a device that helped with preserving perishable foods through refrigeration.  This device was not the creation of the Refrigerator, but […]

Day 1 Ronald McNair – 28 days of Black History Technology

I can still remember the feeling I had as I watched the Space Shuttle Challenger go up into space on the morning of January 28, 1986, while I was in school.  Who would have known that 73 seconds into this launch something would go wrong. I choose to talk about Ronald McNair as the first […]

28 days of Black History in Technology

February is here and that means “Black History Month” most of us remember these days from our childhood where schools would try and give some information about the contributions that African Americans have given to history. Keeping with that theme I decided to give the world a little bit of Black History myself. I decided […]

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