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Revisit The Leading Hotels of the World $19.28 promotion

Not more than a couple of weeks ago I wrote a story called “Talk about EPIC Fail, I got a Colossal EPIC FUCKING FAIL” I wrote the story because of my disappointment with and how they handled a admited colossal FAIL. It looks like the powers that be have decided to enrich the […]

Talk about EPIC Fail, I got a Colossal EPIC FUCKING FAIL

EPIC Fail I truly believe that some system administrators don’t get it when it comes to internet traffic and the power of the media. So yesterday I was surfing the local news site and found the following story Luxury hotels offer $19.28 per night needless to say I fell for this hook line and […]

Twitter has a new friend in URL shortners, Tweetburner with statistics

Micro blogging has been around for a while now but lately it has taken off growing by leaps and bounds. Can you update your friends and colleges in 140 characters? It’s harder then you think and by no means is it easy when the real estate is so limited. So what happens when you want […]

One last reminder on this holiday weekend

Please don’t forget the doors to this years Black Weblog Awards is closing on 8/31/2008 if you have not voted please take the time to do so here. Remember if you feel this blog has potential and you would like to see us win something then please vote for us under: Best Science/Technology Blog The […]

I just saved a ton of time by switching to Pikchur.

Just a couple of nights ago I was taking a picture with my blackberry, I usually post these pictures to twitpic. Twitpic is a picture service that post to your twitter account from your cell phone, since there had not really been any other services that let me post once to multiple sites. I started […]

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