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Cuil the revisit

Cuil is the name of the enormous search engine that launch back in July of this year. The media was a buzz, bloggers were ready for what we all thought would be a new take on search engines. Have you ever heard the words EPIC Fail? To everyones dismay the launch of the search engine […]

One last reminder on this holiday weekend

Please don’t forget the doors to this years Black Weblog Awards is closing on 8/31/2008 if you have not voted please take the time to do so here. Remember if you feel this blog has potential and you would like to see us win something then please vote for us under: Best Science/Technology Blog The […] Microblogging site=FAIL

It seems that Jaiku’s website is down as of 9:50PM Est, if you didn’t know Jaiku is another MicroBlogging site. The problem with Jaiku is that no one cares about them anymore. Google bought the company out some time ago and since has done nothing to this service. In my opinion it’s a loss for […]

Finalist in the 2008 Black Weblog Awards, Vote for us one more time

I want to take time to say thank you to all of those people that saw my previous post about the Black Weblog Awards and then nominated this blog. At times I am amazed at what we can do as a community of ONE when we come together. If I could only interest you all […]

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