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Great added bonus to TBTR Screencast.

I have been looking to add a little more flavor to the blog in recent weeks all this reading and writing has my head hurting.  I must say that as a technical guy I sometimes can get into a story and go off the deep end i try and pull it back most times.  Since […]

I am a techie and this is my life

A co-worker of mine passed me this URL from Youtube for a video. I have to say as a network administrator this has to be one of the truest videos about what people do and say when they call you for tech help at work. The video shows how we goof off and how we […]

This is not your normal Web Awards and I want in 2008 Black Weblog Awards is underway.

The 2008 Black Weblog Awards is under way, this is my first time trying to get noticed. While I have never won an award for what I do with my blog the honor of being included is a great thing so help me out yall. A twitter friend already ask me what category (Science/Technology) and […]

Godaddy totally jacks .me

First of I didn’t even know about the .me domain coming up for registration.  Sometimes I think I’m in the loop only to find that I am not, well tonight I thought up a great domain to register and when I went to find it was blank. It seems the site is down, I […] semi-review and rant

As a new blogger I’m always looking for ways to gain subscribers.  Sometimes you find a great solution, but more then often you find a dud.  As Dave Kinsella said on his blog webdeveloper 2.0 article “Scoutle, great in principle but lacking something” I seem to agree great in principle but lacking something.  I came […]

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