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Vacation Carnival Cruise… Out of Office Notice :-)

I will be on vacation all of this week so any emails or comments will not get approved until my return. I’m probably on a beach somewhere in ST. Thomas right about now sippin on something. I HOPE TO POST PICTURES THROUGH OUT MY TRIP… CHECK OUT MY FLICKR ACCOUNT: Have fun and keep […]

Help netflix fight off cry baby blockbuster.

Every day there is something going on in technology that gets me excited. Today is another one of those days I caught wind that Netflix has finally finished working on it’s streaming video player. The device has been called “The Netflix Player” not the greatest of names but hey they probably tried really hard. It […]

Stompernet is opening it’s access today at 3PM EST I will be there.

A couple of days ago I got wind of a website called from a twitter post. A link to was posted, which helps people understand SEO and helps you build a business on the web. I was taken back a bit because I had never heard of Stompernet but now that I found […]

Testing Twitter Tools

Ok this is just a test to see if this post will register in my twitter. If it does then I will join the rest of the people doing this without having to post things twice and three times. hum Jay

My Hiatus is over, time to get to work

Well I wanted to get back to the show over the past couple of weeks but it’s been very crazy over here.  It’s all my fault that the show has not been consistant lately.  I’m hoping to pull in the reigns on it this week.  The show will be a little spotty over the next […]

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