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Itunes is ready to go…

You just don’t know how long it took for me to figure out that my itunes link was not working on my web page here. Ummm I guess I was just so excited about getting listed once again, that I forgot that the id on my itunes link was not attached to my show id#. […]

Tax Free Weekend

Living in Atlanta sometimes has it’s advantages case in point today is part of the Tax Free Weekend. Every year right before school starts again the state of Georgia gives us a small break to shop for school supplies and clothing at a discount. Here is a link to what’s tax free and what’s not. […]


I’m sorry to everyone who hit my website after 9PM tonight and noticed that the “Bandwidth was exceeded”, again I have to remind you that I have not done this in so long. I forgot that I had that domain under one of my lowest bandwidth settings and so the site was down for probably […]

I’m sorry.

I wanted to appoligize to everyone who has listened to the first two podcast I have put out. I made a boo boo and I know I need to fess up now instead of later when people start emailing me. On the second podcast for “What is Podcasting” about half way through at 14 minutes […]

All you have to do is read a book.

The truth is I have not been coding websites actively since probably 2002. So when I decided to do this project TheBlackTechReport I thought well… with WordPress I can just use that to run my website. This would free me up from all the coding that comes with planning, troubleshooting and starting a website. I […]

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