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Don’t toss that old wireless router just yet, tomato can help.

This post might get a little technical please forgive me a head of time for showing my full geekyness. Wireless routers get older and older every day, if you were an early adopter of WiFi technology. The price and headache you paid in the early days is now a thing of the past. All good […]

nana boo boo iphone users can’t cut, copy or paste…

While I love technology I decided when the iphone came out not to even think about spending that kind of money to be what I called a “BETA tester”. If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to plop down the money then great for you, but I gotta ask how does […]

Help netflix fight off cry baby blockbuster.

Every day there is something going on in technology that gets me excited. Today is another one of those days I caught wind that Netflix has finally finished working on it’s streaming video player. The device has been called “The Netflix Player” not the greatest of names but hey they probably tried really hard. It […]

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