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I do remember the AT&T ads about the future.

I came across a post today from the headline read “Remember The AT&T Ads About the Future? You will” This short story written by Danny Allen reminded me of one thing, Vision.  Through out the history of time we have come across people that have for one reason or another been ahead of their […]

Windows 7 should you upgrade or clean install, oh and what about Vista?

With the introduction of Windows 7, we are at another crossroads in time. Microsoft is releasing Windows 7 in late October, in my opinion that day will be the death of Vista. The major reason is because worldwide acceptance was never on the radar for Vista, EVER! and Windows 7 is ready to pounce. Microsoft […]

I really hope this video was a joke from Microsoft

I was reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader today and came across a post by TechCrunch where they showed a video from Microsoft promoting some new software called Songsmith.  While the thought of software that helps you create songs is not new, the thought that they paid for this video is a clue that […]

Revisit The Leading Hotels of the World $19.28 promotion

Not more than a couple of weeks ago I wrote a story called “Talk about EPIC Fail, I got a Colossal EPIC FUCKING FAIL” I wrote the story because of my disappointment with and how they handled a admited colossal FAIL. It looks like the powers that be have decided to enrich the […]

Talk about EPIC Fail, I got a Colossal EPIC FUCKING FAIL

EPIC Fail I truly believe that some system administrators don’t get it when it comes to internet traffic and the power of the media. So yesterday I was surfing the local news site and found the following story Luxury hotels offer $19.28 per night needless to say I fell for this hook line and […]

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