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Download Wednesday: Flock

What is Flock? Flock is a cross platform browser meaning you can install the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Flock is build on another favorite of mine from Mozilla called Firefox. Since Flock comes from the Open Source movement you don’t have to pay a dime for it, remember nadda, nothing. A better […]

NEW: Download Wednesday

Today is download Wedensday here at The Black Tech Report, from this day on we will be bringing you a host of programs that refect our Free Commitment to the readers of this blog. We will post a small bit of information about a product that we have found or that we use. We chose […]

Keep track of those passwords instead of writing it down all the time.

With all the passwords in your life from your home computer to your work computer to your email passwords. You could have any where from 3 passwords to 10 passwords or many more. While one password for all those systems can work for you. The problem with that is the fact that once a crook […]

I just need to concentrate and my itunes is irritating me.

I use itunes to purchase new music and to import my old cds on occasion. Well lately I have been wanting to concentrate on things at my computer weather its surfing the internet, blogging, or writing technical documents at work. Today I was sitting around and decided to look up white noise which is sort […]

These days we need secure and strong passwords.

As a Network Administrator there are times when I have to setup passwords for people. This could be the first password for a new employee or it could be a password reset. It used to take along time to setup these passwords, cause I would have to think up a password at times I would […]

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