I just need to concentrate and my itunes is irritating me.

MusicI use itunes to purchase new music and to import my old cds on occasion. Well lately I have been wanting to concentrate on things at my computer weather its surfing the internet, blogging, or writing technical documents at work. Today I was sitting around and decided to look up white noise which is sort of noise canceling music. In itunes there are many tracks to choose from I will say that I never thought in a million years that I would purchase something like this but I did. In fact I purchased a track called “brown noise”. There were two versions one runs for 60 minutes and the other runs for 4 minutes. I started the track and then started to blog but noticed that at the end of the track the sound would always fade just enough to notice and throw my concentration off right before the track would repeat. I then decided to look around and saw a post from someone on how to stop this annoying thing from happening. Making this change to the track in itunes lets you loop the track to keep the brown noise playing for hours on end.

Here is where I share with you how to:

  1. Right click the track, and click “get info”
  2. Click options
  3. If the track is showing for example 4:00 minutes in the stop time area and you notice the fade out starts at oh lets say 3:55 minutes change the time of the track in this window to 3:30 minutes. You could change it to 3:54 but that might be to close to the end and you might get some of the fade out.
  4. Now set the track to loop by choosing to repeat the track and there you have it. Not only will it loop for hours on end but you also only paid $.99 for the short track instead of the $9.99 for the 60 minute version.

TBTR has helped save you $9.00 that could go towards a starbucks chi tea or soon a full gallon of gas.


These days we need secure and strong passwords.

passwordAs a Network Administrator there are times when I have to setup passwords for people. This could be the first password for a new employee or it could be a password reset. It used to take along time to setup these passwords, cause I would have to think up a password at times I would make a complex password and then other times out of time I would choose a very simple password. The problem with simple is if the person never decides to change the password to something complex it creates a possible security risk. Your network could be compromised. A simple password cracker could be used to break the password and then let anyone with bad intentions enter your network easily.

So one day I was looking for a way to create a complex password and I googled for a program and came across Secure Password Generator it’s created by PC Tools Software. The program is very simple it helps you create secure complex passwords. You can do this in two ways one is online on the site, or you can download the freeware application. The online version can create a password using SSL connections which are very secure so that prying eyes can not sniff your connection to steal the password.

You can create passwords from 4 characters to 64 characters, the longer the password the harder it is to break. If your creating a password for someone to use the longer the password the more motivation for the person to change it to something they can remember.

If you do download the application you get included a password checker which makes sure the password you choose is a secure one. Also a added bonus of the download version is the password revealer. Have you ever put a password in Internet Explorer so that when you revisit that site it will remember you? What happends if you forgot that password there is no way to find out what it was, well with password revealer it works with Internet Explorer to reveal saved password that you have entered in web-forms but may have subsequently forgotten or lost. So go ahead download the program or use the online version either way you should be satisfied.


Why my fascination with twitter?

It seems that lately I have written more stories about twitter then my normal technical subjects. As I noticed this I had to ask myself why have I been so eager to blog about twitter. Could it be the fact that it’s slow, or the fact that it’s rated the worst social site for downtime by pingdom. I think all of this came about because I really LIKE…No shall I say…LOVE twitter. We have been dating since November 2007 and it seems as of late we have a kind of love hate relationship.

Twitter has been a productivity killer since my first post, it really went down hill when I expressed my LOVE for her. There were days where all I did was twitter in to the hours of the night, knowing damn well I would miss her until the next morning. My twitter love goes deep I have caught myself waking up at 3AM just to pick up my crackberry (blackberry) and check whats going on through my installed crackberry application twitterberry. I love her never mind that I have taken away from my daily activities at times OH how I have taken away.

I even had a twitter romance dubbed twittermance, don’t worry the domain is mine and your never gonna get it. With this love hate relationship I have noticed that there have been times where I hate her or just wished her gone. Like the time I deleted my account thinking I could just put her down like a smoker quits cold turkey. That little stunt backfired and with in 24 hours I added my account back (it took longer and I had to get the twitter folk involved but after a week my account was back up Yea!)

For now I just wanted to tell Twitter that I still LOVE her and hope she is doing OK, even tho we don’t talk everyday anymore.

Stay tuned


Software helps nab thieves, and you thought it was just good for spreadsheets.

logoSo you thought you got away with a nice new Mac and other stolen goods. Here is a story that speaks to the heart of the digital age. A Mac users apartment was burglarized, normally you fill out the police report information, file the insurance papers if you had insurance, wait for the premium to go up oh, and just caulk it up as a lost. But now days we have so many ways of finding our laptops with factory installed programs and with .Mac service from apple. This user was able to use back to my mac software. Which is like a screen sharing program it enabled her to use the photo booth application on her laptop to take a picture of the thieves. Then a little trip to the police station, with picture and evidence in hand an arrest was made. So the moral of the story is 1.) Hide your Mac when company comes over and 2.) Pay for the subscription to .mac service…

Read the rest of the story here


Not like you didn’t know this but, another story of Twitter’s slow demise…

logoI got wind of a story about twitter today while I was viewing some articles in my google reader (da bomb btw). The story stated that the company Pingdom.com has been monitoring the up-time of social networking sites. Well it should come to no one’s surprise that Twitter.com is the worst out of all the sites listed. The downtime is to the tune of about 37 hours so far this year. The stats have only been recorded since January 2008. As I keep saying Twitter needs to get on the ball and fix the issues at hand cause we the users are feed up at the spotty sometimes unreliable stability of the system. I mean we are already subjected to 140 characters to say what we are doing, just make sure I can post when I want to please powers that be…. Someone at Twitter has to take the position of “Yes…I give a damn” and fix the issues, and while I’m talking about that, can the people who make changes to twitter stop doing things over the weekend that affect my usability. Maybe a couple of apple engineers from the UI department can help us with a better pleasing interface that does not change on a whim. One day I know they will get it right I just hope that happens before we start jumping ship….Please for the love of (Politically correct) who ever you think is the higher power in your life, not letting the other powers that people can thank of down.


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