Podcast #2-a July 18, 2007 Part 1 of 3

I’m getting much better at this, in the last week I have probably recorded over 6 podcast and videocast. You might say, well hold on one second… I only see 2 post here on this website. You are right, but i have other podcast that I produce. On my other podcast I talk about a host of issues from personal and private to the news story of the day.

Podcast #2 July 18, 2007 Show Notes

I wanted to say the above because this is fun for me, I don’t get paid and I’m not looking for that at this time. I’m looking to really educate people of color and others on what the internet has to offer. How can you position yourself to use this medium to it’s fullest potential? All you have to do is come up with an idea and there is tons of infomation out there to help you acheive.

Tonight I’m posting my #2 podcast about podcasting. I think this is going to be part 1 in a series of 3 shows about podcasting. The topic is so big that I just can’t see doing a 2 hour show trying to keep your attention as an audience and also keep my own. I hope you like the cast and let me know what you think, remember you can always email me at thebtr[at]gmail[dot]com.



Podcast #1 July 16, 2007

Podcast #1 July 16, 2007 Show Notes

I am excited to post my first podcast for The Black Tech Report.com I hope you enjoy this and shoot me feedback about the show. I am also posting the video of this show they are both the same although the mp3 has been edited, and the videocast has all the ummms you could ever want to hear. I hope to get better so I don’t spend 2 hours editing the ummms out of the podcast.




I am overly excited for the launch of The Black Tech Report.com this has been a long time coming. Last night July 16, 2007 I recorded my first podcast to support this website with informative, and useful information about technology. I have wanted to put together a show like this for some time and I’m just now getting the real opportunity to complete this task off my list.

I hope you find my podcast and videocast about different subjects both entertaining and useful. Technology does not have to be so complex that you think people from Harvard, Yale, and MIT are the only ones who can achieve in this realm. I hope that men, women, boys, and girls of color see and hear these cast. I also hope that as a viewer if you like the program you will leave feed back and also tell your friends about this very infomative website.

Please leave me any comments that you want about the Podcast and Videocast. Oh also if you know of any topics that you want me to discuss please email me at thebtr[at]gmail[dot com] that way I can put your ideas to work.

Thanks again,

Jayson Flint

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