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I posted more in the month of February then I did for all of 2010, here’s why.

The month of February 2011 I decided to run a month long blogging series dedicated to Black’s in Technology.  I decided to showcase a host of African American inventors.  The Idea came from a friend of mine Wayne Sutton who runs he came up with an idea a couple of years ago for […]

I need to apologize to all my readers and RSS subscribers.

I have been reading more and more information about monetizing your blog, and turning your hobby into a business. This created a situation that this weekend worked me to the bone and I made some changes that reflect as of now. Did I really think that I could make money with this blog this fast? […]

Micro Blogging site Plurk is ready for the big show.

These days Micro Blogging sites are popping up week by week every since twitter has had their most recent meltdown. Don’t get me wrong twitter still has love in my heart, but that is fading fast with all the issues they keep having read more about that here. To my surprise this morning around 7:30 […]

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