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Tech News August 10, 2009

FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook, we talk about that and we had our First Official caller into the Podcast Michelle called and we are overwhelmed and delighted to have had her voice introduced into the podcast. Thanks so much Michelle iTunes link here

As always comments are welcome TBTR

Facebook once again becomes the home of hackers and criminals, be careful out there.

So it seems once again we are back to the hackers being smarter than the designers. According to recent reports Facebook the popular social site has been infected again with hackers trying and succeeding in stealing your profile password. The worm gets people to click on a bogus adobe plugin that installs a Trojan Horse […]

Hasbro has Offically been PIMPED

Yesterday (read the story here) we reported that the popular game Scrabulous had been taken down for the US and Canada customers of Facebook because of a lawsuit filed by Hasbro. Well I won’t say chalk one up for the little guy I will just say, damn the little guys are smart. The Agarwalla brothers […]

PIMP down, PIMP down, Scrabulous axed by Facebook.

Today came word that the very popular game Scrabulous was taken down by Facebook.  It seems the program was infringing on a little well known game called Scrabble owned by Hasbro.  While I never played this game online I always saw many people who did.  What’s up with Hasbro?  Are they just haters on the […]

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