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Free Software provided by ZoneAlarm Today ONLY.

We have all heard the saying “Nothing is Free” I guess it depends. Today one of my Twitter friends posted a link to a free download from ZoneAlarm. It seems ZoneAlarm is trying to get the word out about a product called ForceField. The product creates a virtual bubble while you surf so if you […]

Download Wednesday – Freeware GIMP

While I love taking pictures I don’t like the high cost of photo editing software such as Corel, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop. I have always looked for a free way to edit and do cool things with photo software then I came across GIMP. GIMP is released under the GNU free software license which […]

NEW: Download Wednesday

Today is download Wedensday here at The Black Tech Report, from this day on we will be bringing you a host of programs that refect our Free Commitment to the readers of this blog. We will post a small bit of information about a product that we have found or that we use. We chose […]

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